Our Roots

A very non-hostile takeover has occurred to turn our daughter’s actual slime company into a unique line of craft hot sauces! Our “Slime” (don't worry it's hot sauce) is made with chef-grade ingredients and pit master cooking techniques. The hot peppers (they are HOT and yummy) are freshly grown (yes we grown our own awesome hot peppers!!) and infused with flavorful fruits local to sunny South Florida.  

We offer a core set of 3 sauces (Cherry Bomb, Pineapple Express, & Sweet and Power Sauce), while offering seasonal special sauces (think alternate yummy fruits).  Our sauce is different than your typical hot sauces.  A lot of attention is paid to the sauce and the proper combination and quantity of homegrown fresh peppers.  

You really can put these sauces on almost anything.  Glaze your dinners (amazing with all bbq cooking), drip on your breakfast, mix into other sauces, and at least once POUR over cooked wings or ribs as a saucy finish.  Don't be ashamed if eventually you squirt the sauce directly into your mouth while your snacking on something...it's that good and will wake you up like a shot of caffeine.  

Feel free to connect with us via email or on our facebook page to let us know what flavors you are into and who knows maybe it becomes our next seasonal sauce.  

Keep on saucing and thanks for staying GLAMOROUS!! We greatly appreciate our customers! 

Stuart Goldenberg


Boca Raton, FL